The School

In 1989 Shelagh Kane and Maureen Shore created Theatre Dance Workshop teaching tap, ballet and theatrecraft.

Next year will mark 30 years since the school began and in all those years the pupils have achieved 100% success rate in the annual examinations with many achieving their teaching qualification and some girls have gone on to dance professionally all over the world.
Theatre Dance Workhop or'TDW' is not just a place to learn how to dance, it's a place where family and friends meet to enjoy mutual interests, it's a sociable environment, filled with lots of fun and laughter and of course dance, taught by three fully qualified teachers of the I.D.T.A.


Meet the Principals

Miss Shelagh started dancing at the age of 3 and at 16 opened her own dance school. Initally she qualified with the S.A.T.D. and became a Fellow Member and Examiner. Later, wanting to give her pupils 'something better' she qualified in the U.K.A. and I.D.T.A..

For many years she had a large shcool in Moss side and also taught Dance Exercise at Hathershaw Sports Centre from 1982 - 2002, a position offered as a result of her dance qualifications.

Miss Maureen started to dance at the age of 6 and at 16 she opened her own school. She first qualified as a teacher with the S.A.T.D. and became an examiner and adjudicator, she later qualified in the U.K.A. and I.D.T.A. Whilst teaching at the Russell Leite Theatre School she taught the late great Ken Dodd's Diddy Men.

Miss Jill began to dance at the age of 3 and qualified as a teacher for the I.D.T.A. and U.K.A. at 18 before starting her career as a professional dancer.

She started with summer season and pantomime, then went on to Paris to work at La Nouvelle Eve for 6 years, the first 2 as dancer and the following 4 years as 'Captain' dancer of the troupe.

Jill went on to work as choreographer for French Company 'Club Med' where she travelled on their cruise ship Club Med 1

           Miss Shelagh Kane       Miss Jill Prevost      Miss Maureen Shore